Remote or in San Fransisco, CA

About This Position:We’re looking for developers with full-stack experience, though you may have preferences towards the front or back-end.A good understanding of robust/secure API-design, efficient/fast front-ends and passion for web development is ideal!As we enter our growth phase, we are looking for folks without an ego- sometimes developing an email is the job of the hour. But on the whole we are looking for developers interested in shipping new features weekly (if not daily), developing new ways of learning on the web, integrating with cutting edge APIs/visualizations, and more.You will also have a chance to take part in critical business conversations, drive company direction, take ownership over portions of the platform/codebase and directly impact the success of tonebase.What we're looking for:
- Experience with REST API architecture
- Experience integrating with various 3rd party vendors
- Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling such as React, NextJS, etc. - Good communicator — both in person and through well documented and readable code - A good sense of design (though you may not be a designer) - Creative, passionate, and proud of the work you doOur stack:
- React/NextJS (i.e. SSR React)
- React Native/Electron (upcoming mobile/desktop clients)
- Node JS, Express (API)
- Firebase Realtime Database - Heroku, AWSAbout Us:tonebase is an online music education platform that gives anyone, anywhere access to the knowledge of the world’s best musicians. We’ve been described as the Netflix meets Masterclass of music education. At our core, we believe that anyone can master an instrument - they just need access to the proper instructors and instructions to get there.To that end we’re building a platform that spans every major instrument and which features instructions from every world-class musician. Currently launched in our initial market of Classical Guitar, in less than a year we’ve signed up over 60 of the best Classical Guitarists in the world (a dozen Grammy award winners, instructors from top tier schools such as Juilliard, USC, Yale, etc.) and have become the largest educational resource for Classical Guitarists in the world.We have big goals and big ideas for expansion - other instruments, other creative fields (acting, design, cooking, you name it) and from there - who knows! We’re looking for someone who is passionate, takes pride in their work, knows when to ask for help and knows when to offer it. Join us to help bring a new way of learning music to the web and scale from instrument to instrument, and creative field to creative field.Interested? Shoot Abhi, our technical lead, an email telling us a bit about yourself, why you think the idea is interesting and one cool project you've worked on!

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