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Praised for her “bountiful gifts and passionate immersion into the music she touches," Chinese pianist Fei-Fei is a winner of the Concert Artists Guild Competition and a top finalist at the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

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Chopin's 24 Preludes are some of my favorite piano works. I've spent a lot of time studying the music, thinking about it, and of course practicing and performing it. So I'm really excited to share some of my thoughts and practice tips with you on tonebase, focusing on the second half of the Preludes.

Chopin was composing this work when he was on vacation on Majorca Island with his companion George Sand. During the vacation he had a tuberculosis breakout and the islanders all tried to avoid the couple, frightened his sickness would be contagious to them. At the time, his relationship with George Sand was not going very well either. So, I always imagine Chopin at that time must have felt very alone and isolated, and hence this music is incredibly personal and intimate.

Chopin adores Bach's music and he emulated his Well-Tempered Clavier to set each Prelude in a different key, a complete palette of 24 major and minor keys – each one captures a distinct color, mood, and emotion. The prelude before Chopin existed as a warm-up exercise, usually as an introduction to something more important. Chopin was the first composer to elevate this genre to an independent art-form to be played on their own. And each has such a profound and artistic value.

For me, the experience of playing through this whole set is a feeling of reading through a collection of poems and romantic miniatures, and reading Chopin's musical diary, as if we are living through some of those days with him together.

董霏霏 (Fei-Fei)

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