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The lessons do not only teach you the ins-and-outs of the piece, but also teach the appreciation of music through detailed instructions and commentary. The thoughtful interface has further allowed tonebase's mission to be achieved.
— Thompson L.
tonebase reveals the tips and tricks of the experts. I learnt important aspects of technique and how to express myself better musically, to get to the core of the music and to realize the composers idea.
— Nana A.
This is one of the best ideas ever! Not everyone can get access to the best teachers even in the world, but to have lessons from professional pianists who have great expertise and know to express ideas in a clear way inspires me to keep working!
— Siyao Y.
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Exclusive Lessons On All Things Classical Piano

From foundational techniques to advanced concepts and pieces, there's something for every passionate pianist on tonebase. Find the lesson you need to take your playing to the next level.

tonebase | 200+ lessons on all things classical piano
Artists on tonebase | Learn from over 25 world-class pianists on tonebase
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Our instructors include GRAMMY Award winners, International competition winners, and renowned professors from Juilliard and Yale. Get unlimited access to the legends of piano on tonebase.

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A Platform Custom-Built For Music Education

Our platform is designed to help you get the most out of every lesson, featuring personalized progress tracking, scores synced to each lesson, and multi-angle high-quality videos.

  • Scores synced to each lesson
  • Simultaneous video & score viewing
  • Personalized progress tracking
  • Multi-angle high-quality videos
tonebase Platform - tailored for music education
Jerome Lowenthal on tonebase & the golden age of pianism
tonebase combines subtle interviewing and advanced technology to offer a rainbow of insights to pianists. We are in a golden age of pianism and tonebase is an important part of it.
Jerome Lowenthal, Professor of Piano (Juilliard)
For the first time I really feel I meet the stars on an online video piano teaching service. This is something I WANT to buy. Because this is world class teaching and musical information.
— Halvard M.
Tonebase has indeed provided high-quality music education. The lessons do not only teach you the ins-and-outs of the piece, but also teach the appreciation of music through detailed instructions and commentary.
— Thompson L.
That is truly wonderful. Everyone can learn from professional performers through the internet. Music is not limited only to those rich and prestige people like in the very old days. Thank you very much for establishing the tonebase.
— Scott P.
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