Ask any cellist if they’re familiar with the Popper Etudes, and they’ll look at you like you've just asked them if they're familiar with breathing air.

David Popper’s “High School Of Cello Playing”, Op. 72, otherwise known simply as the Popper Etudes, has become the most prominent technique builder that every cellist learns throughout their cello journey. It is said that learning all 40 of the Etudes, in combination with basic scale and arpeggio mastery, is all any cellist needs to master the fundamentals of cello technique.

And now on tonebase, celebrated cellist and Southern Methodist University Professor Andrés Díaz takes us on a guided tour of these celebrated études of David Popper. Andrés Díaz has spent much of his cellistic life perfecting these Etudes, and now for the first time, you can witness his learnings directly on the tonebase platform. 

We learn his secrets about how to practice octaves, how to coordinate the hands, how to work on sound quality, how to practice extensions, and much more. This is a landmark course from one of America's most celebrated pedagogues.

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