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Electric cellos have been increasingly popular in recent years, and many musicians are turning to them as an alternative to traditional acoustic cellos. With the rise in popularity of electric cellos, the market has seen a flood of different models and brands, making it hard to choose the right one. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at, in no particular order, the top 10 electric cellos on the market, their features, and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

1. Yamaha SVC-210 Silent Cello

Best electric cellos: Yamaha SVC 210 electric cello

The Yamaha SVC-210 Silent electric cello is one of the most popular models on the market. At a price of just over $3,000, it stands as a prominent model for professionals looking for a reliable and comfortable model.

The body of the cello is made of maple and spruce, which gives it a warm, full-bodied sound. It also features a piezo pickup system that does a good job capturing the instrument's natural sound and transmitting it to the amplifier.

Tina Guo walks you through the Yamaha SVC-210 in her lesson on "The Magic Of The Electric Cello", available on tonebase Cello.

2. NS Design WAV4 Electric Cello

NS Design Wav4 Electric Cello

The NS Design WAV4 electric cello is a great choice for those who want a professional-quality instrument without breaking the bank. 

It’s a pretty lightweight model with a nice polar pickup system that can switch between arco and pizz settings, which is a nice system for improving versatility on the instrument.

And in total it clocks in at a range of $1,385-$1,499 depending on the settings you choose.


3. Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK Electric Cello

Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK Electric Cello

The Cecilio 4/4 CECO-4BK electric cello is a budget-friendly option ($544) that still delivers great sound quality. 

It features a maple body and a high-gloss black finish, giving it a sleek and modern look. It also comes with a bow, rosin, headphones, and a soft case, making it an excellent starter package for beginners.

If you’re looking for an affordable electric cello to practice with, then this might be the model for you.

4. Yamaha SVC-50SK Silent Electric Cello

Yamaha SVC 50SK Electric Cello

The Yamaha SVC-50SK Silent electric cello is an ideal choice for those who need to practice quietly. 

It features a headphone jack, so you can practice without disturbing others. And like the other Yamaha models, it also has a body made of maple and spruce, which gives it a rich and warm tone. 

The cello's resonating chamber can be adjusted to change the sound, and it comes with a soft case for easy transport.

And lastly, this is the most affordable of the mentioned Yamaha models with a price tag of $1,995.

5. Bridge Dragon 4 Electric Cello

Bridge Dragon 4 Electric Cello

The Bridge Dragon 4 electric cello is a unique and eye-catching instrument that features a dragon design on its body. 

It also has a maple body, ebony fingerboard, and a piezo pickup system just like the other models mentioned above.

It comes with a hard silver case and a bow, making it an excellent choice for those who want a unique and high-quality instrument all in one package.

With the bold character and strong build characteristics, it comes in at a cost of $4,172.

6. Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello

Stagg ECL 4/4 BK Electric Cello

The Stagg ECL 4/4 BK electric cello is another budget-friendly option that delivers great sound quality, priced at $783.

If you’re a student or a professional looking for a decent practice instrument, this option is worth considering.

It features a maple body and a high-gloss black finish, giving it a sleek and modern look. It also has a piezo pickup system like the other models mentioned.

7. Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent Electric Cello

Yamaha SVC 110SK Electric Cello

The Yamaha SVC-110SK Silent electric cello is similar to the SVC-50SK and SVC-210SK models, priced at $2,772.

It also has a resonating chamber that can be adjusted to change the sound of the cello, and shares the same build characteristics of the other Yamaha models, with the Ebony fingerboard, Piezo pickup and maple neck.

Consider this a good “in-between” model in comparison to the 50Sk and 210SK.

8. Kinglos 4/4 Electric Cello

Kinglos 4/4 Electric Cello

The Kinglos 4/4 Electric Cello is a budget-friendly option that is perfect for beginners or intermediate players who are looking for a reliable and versatile electric cello. It features a solid maple body and a simple, sleek design that is both stylish and functional. The cello also has a piezoelectric pickup, which produces a clear and balanced sound when plugged into an amp or PA system.

In terms of playability, the Kinglos 4/4 Electric Cello is comfortable and easy to play, thanks to its adjustable pegs, tailpiece, and bridge. The cello also includes a carrying case, bow, and rosin, making it a great starter kit for those just starting out.

While the Kinglos 4/4 Electric Cello may not have the same level of sound quality as some of the more expensive models, it is still a great option for anyone on a budget who wants to experiment with electric cellos. It is a reliable, well-made instrument that offers excellent value for money.

And to add on, Kinglos offers some eccentric designs on their electric cello fleet to add some extra character if desired.


9. NS Design CR5 Electric Cello

NS Design CR5 Electric Cello

Unlike the other electric cellos on this list, the NS Design CR5 is a 5 string cello. This is a great option for a seasoned player looking for something that is lightweight and has good sound, which comes at a hefty price tag of $4,169. 

As the most expensive electric cello from NS Design, you can be confident that this instrument will stand out in performance and reliability.

10. NS Design NXT5 5-String Electric Cello

NS Design NXT5 5-String Electric Cello

If you’re looking for a 5 string to open up your performance capabilities, but don’t want to drop the cash that the CR5 requires, then this is a great alternative.

This model also has frets, which can be a huge let down for lots of cellists who want the expressive range that the fretless neck offers.

Because of this, this may be a better option for a less-experienced cellist for whom a fret system would help lock in intonation skills.


There are many great electric cellos on the market, each with its unique features and benefits. When choosing an electric cello, it's essential to consider your needs and budget. 

The models listed above offer a range of options, from budget-friendly models to high-end professional instruments. 

On top of this, maybe purchasing an electric cello is not the right thing for you. In this post, tonebase Head of Cello Daniel Lelchuk offers some insight into this subject.

But if you’re sure that an electric cello is the thing you need to take your performance and expressive capabilities to the next level, then we’re sure one of these options is right for you.

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