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tonebase Flute is hard at work creating a wealth of insightful courses leading up to the platform release this summer. We wanted to share with you several sneak preview clips featuring renowned flutist Sharon Sparrow who provided an in-depth course on the Ibert Concerto.

About Sharon Sparrow:

Sharon Sparrow is a well known performer and author in the flute world. Besides serving as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s tenured Assistant Principal Flutist, she travels extensively giving seminars on her book, “6 Weeks to Finals”, the Complete Guide to Audition Success, winner of the 2017 NFA Best new publications award. A graduate of The Juilliard School and Mannes College of Music, Ms. Sparrow had the privilege to study with Julius Baker, Thomas Nyfenger and Geoffrey Gilbert. Sharon can be seen and heard all over the world in Live from Orchestra Hall broadcasts of the Detroit Symphony. Her audition seminars have been presented at Peabody Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Interlochen Academy, Michigan State University, UT Austin and many other Universities across the country, and she is a frequent guest Artist at many flute festivals.
Sharon is Instructor of Flute at both Wayne State University and Oakland University in Detroit.

Movement 1 Preview

Movement 2 Preview

Movement 3 Preview

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