From his compilation of works for violin, Fasten Seatbelts, Igudesman begins by performing an electrifying performance of his work Funk the String.

This piece has many alternative techniques that a classically trained violinist might not be accustomed to playing. Throughout his lesson, he bridges the gaps in techniques used within the piece and what a classically trained violinist traditionally uses.

Funk the String

Throughout all of Igudesman’s lessons, he demonstrates how the violin, is much more flexible in its sound than many people believe.

In his piece Funk the String he demonstrates this, by trying to emulate the sound of an electric instrument like the electric guitar. He incorporates various alternative playing techniques throughout like chopping.

Your Whole Body In Performances

“The moment we step on stage, we are actually a holistic performance and we are not just the sound. We are also the visual, it’s what we wear, how we move, and how we communicate physically with the public.”

One aspect of playing that goes often unnoticed is the idea of presentation.

There is a lot that can be communicated to the audience beyond the music you are playing. Your body language, movement, and anything visual can all impact an audience.

Developing 100% Control

While Igudesman teaches you all the various techniques he incorporates into his playing, he was trained classically by Boris Kuschnir.

While from a young age, Igudesman knew he wasn’t going to go the “classical route” with his playing, he knew he had to study it in order to develop the command over the instrument he wanted.

He urges for people who aren’t classically trained, to still study it because of the hundreds of years of pedagogical experience associated with it.

Tips on Bowing

Technique wise he begins with bowing and the importance of having control over the bow.

This begins with knowing how to hold the bow in the most ergonomic way that gives you flexibility and control over dynamics and then moves on to bowing straight.

He highlights the different movements that go into bowing that start from the knuckles and go throughout the arm. He breaks down bowing straight into 3 movements.


Aleksey Igudesman will be teaching many of his compositions on tonebase that are focused for classical musicians that want to explore many alternative techniques.

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