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Last week, we were joined by the multi-faceted entertainer and composer Aleksey Igudesman who filmed a series of lessons with us.

His lessons are live on the site, but we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes content we filmed while the production was taking place.

Alternative or Expanded Techniques

Igudesman began with a lesson where he discussed how multifaceted the violin really is, and the variety of tones and sounds it can produce beyond what the traditional violin repertoire calls for.

He then applied these techniques in Piazzolla tango-nuevo and his music from his collection of works, Fasten Seatbelts.

Through his music, such as his most-popular piece, "Funk the String," he showed how you are able to change the timbre of the violin to sound like other instruments. He goes into detail about the percussion-inspired techniques he uses to bring a “groove” into his classical playing and original compositions.

Performance Tips

As he discussed in Funk the String, Igudesman shared some insights into the possibilities one has when performing. Once you step onto the stage for a performance, it is both an auditory and visual experience for the audience.

Everything from the clothes you wear, your body language and movement while playing, to what you do when not playing, such as during rests or fermatas, can impact the audience's perception of the performance.


We covered other incredible works that were written or arranged by Igudesman. In his book, Latin and More, Igudesman and Leah Zeger shared the possibilities for combining the voice with the violin in On a Bus in Uruguay.

Next, our Head of Violin, Eric Silberger, joined Igudesman for a unique arrangement and interpretation based on Blue Danube, likely possibly the most famous waltz ever written. This piece for violin duo, arranged by Igudesman, can be found in his book Waltz and More.


We had a great shoot and hope you'll check out these great lessons. There is a lot here that can be used by classically-trained or developing violinists to broaden their horizons with the variety of music and techniques discussed.

Thanks, and Happy Practicing!

tonebase Violin lesson with Aleksey Igudesman
Aleksey Igudesman & Head of tonebase Violin, Eric Silberger

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