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Are you a passionate violinist and active member of your musical community? Do you love learning from the world-class instructors on tonebase? 

If so, here’s your opportunity to share tonebase and earn rewards!

About our Ambassador program:

From the beginning, our mission at tonebase has been to democratize access to high-quality music education, allowing everyone to learn from and be inspired by the best.

One of our favorite ways of fulfilling that mission is by working directly with impactful members of the music community to help us spread the word. To that end, we created the tonebase Ambassador Program which has allowed us to connect with community leaders from around the world who resonate with our mission and want to be involved.

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador! Below you can find more information about the program including who we are looking for, how it works, perks that come with being an Ambassador, and how to apply.

Who we are looking for:

The primary requirement of an Ambassador is someone who loves learning on tonebase and resonates deeply with our mission. Additionally, we are looking for:

  • Members active in their musical community, either online or in-person (e.g. active society or ensemble members)
  • People who create and share content consistent with our values (e.g. online community leaders)
  • Musicians with a passion for leading, educating, and inspiring others (e.g. teachers and studio owners)

How it works:

Once you’ve been accepted as an Ambassador, getting started is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Get your code: Set up your Ambassador account and you’ll receive a unique coupon code that gives anyone who uses it 30% off tonebase when they sign up.
  2. Share tonebase: Tell your audience why you love tonebase and share your code.
  3. Start earning: Receive $25 for every person who uses your unique code at checkout, regardless of whether they commit to membership after their 14-day free trial.

Other Ambassador perks:

In addition to earning rewards for sharing tonebase, becoming an Ambassador comes with many great perks:

  • Special invitation to Ambassador-exclusive events, including LIVE workshops with special guests and in-person gatherings at festivals and conventions
  • Features in our weekly digest (15,000+ readers)
  • Early access to new content and product updates
  • Personalized support from the tonebase Team
  • Access to promotional resources (free lesson links, social clips, etc.)

How to apply:

Applying for the Ambassador program can be done in a matter of minutes:

  1. Please send an email to tonebase co-founder Chris Garwood (chris@tonebase.co) with the subject line “tonebase Ambassador Application”
  2. Write a few sentences about why you would be a great Ambassador and include any relevant links or additional information
  3. We’ll get back to you ASAP with the results of your application

Thanks again for considering joining the tonebase Ambassador Program! Together, we can make a difference for passionate music learners around the world.

Peace, Love, and Music!

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