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Free PDF: 10 Orchestral Excerpts for Violin

Free PDF: 10 Orchestral Excerpts for Violin

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Do you want to learn more about practicing the violin excerpt from Brahms’ Symphony No. 2 movement 1? In this blog post, we’ll share more about specific ways for you to approach the piece and nail your violin auditions.

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Excerpt Overview

The opening of Brahms’ second symphony is very delicate and requires a seamless line from the high to low ends of the violin. 

Feel free to change the bowing to whatever is safest and most comfortable for you. 

Also, consider altering the fingering to avoid any noticeable shifts.


Main Points

At measures 30 to 31, going from the A to D, stretch the third finger to reach for the D instead of shifting. 

For a stretch such as this, you may need to repeat a small fragment numerous times to determine which details to pay attention to. 

There are any number of subtle adjustments which may make the target note more accurate and reliable, so really take the time to work out what your hand needs to feel to place each note properly every time.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find advice on bowing on the internet or from colleagues, teachers, or other connections. 

Although these can be incredibly helpful, there is no need to follow any advice that does not conform to your style or comfort. Your fingering and bowing choices will not impede your chances of being accepted by an orchestra simply because they conflict with their usual practice. 

Instead, aim for musical integrity and demonstrate that you know how to operate your instrument well.

brahms symphony 2 violin excerpt


Now that we’ve gone over these tips, you should be ready to handle your audition with the Schumann Symphony No. 2 violin excerpt with ease.

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