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tonebase joined acclaimed soloist and multi-genre artist, Giles Apap for a lesson covering a series of encounters with multiple styles of music. Here is our rundown of the day and the fun that happened whilst filming very insightful lessons.

Inside the Home of Gilles Apap

behind the scenes with gilles Apap
behind the scenes with gilles Apap
behind the scenes with gilles Apap

Encountering Fiddle Tunes

In his lessons, Gilles presented numerous tunes from multiple musical genres that you can play on the violin. He shares ideas for playing this music from a variety of experience levels. For a beginner, the focus is getting the simple melody as clear sounding as you can and developing fundamental techniques such as bowing straight. For the late beginner to intermediate violinist, he demonstrates how you can add more complexity by varying the rhythms.

This music, as Gilles shares, is both fun to play and a great way to meet and work collaboratively with other musicians.

About Balance & Life

Throughout our time together, Gilles was a wonderful, energetic, and life-loving person. What better way to discuss the balance of life and the violin than with the bow balanced on your nose.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend you don’t try this!

behind the scenes with gilles Apap


We had a great shoot with Gilles and hope you'll check out these lessons. There is a lot here that can be utilized by classically-trained or developing violinists to broaden their horizons with the variety of music discussed.

behind the scenes with gilles Apap

Thanks, and Happy Practicing!

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