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"Our partnership with tonebase will help people build a routine and invest their time in creating music. Music Traveler spaces will connect people to rehearsal rooms equipped with the instruments they’d like to like to access and the necessary environments to optimize learning.”

- Co-Founder of Music Traveler, Julia Rhee

Music Traveler - Who are they?

Music Traveler Logo

Music Traveler was founded by Julia Rhee and Aleksey Igudesman (tonebase Violin artist), as a marketplace that centralizes spaces and venues with musical instruments and equipment for the creative industry. Its primary vision is to ease access to resources on music-making and its activities as easily as possible for everyone. This means if you’re in a city with a Music Traveler space, you will have a rentable room to rehearse or practice in! This is especially valuable if you need to practice with an instrument that is not portable like our violin… like a piano! Just find a space with one available and you’re set to practice!

You’re able to book many different types of creative spaces and venues such as recording studios, concert halls, rehearsal spaces, lesson facilities, arenas, theaters, band-rooms, and more, with or without instruments or equipment for a transactional fee.

World renown recording artist Billy Joel was quoted as saying, “What Music Traveler is doing a very important because it enables musicians to settle into a place to work on their craft. Having access to instruments is extremely important, you never know when inspiration is going to strike.”

The Practice & Traveling Issue SOLVED!

Many traveling musicians probably know the problem: You are on the road and are traveling from one place to another….where do you practice? You know you need to because you have a concert coming up. You’re in a foreign city and don’t know where to go that is both a suitable and affordable rehearsal space. Enter Music Traveler solving this common problem!

Launched in the autumn of 2017, Music Traveler is a platform that brings together musicians in search of music lovers who have an instrument at home and are happy to make it available together with space for rehearsals.

What This Partnership Means for the tonebase Community

tonebase and Music Traveler both have similar goals in being a practice resource dedicated to breaking down the barriers to learning an instrument. This makes this a natural and fitting partnership.

This partnership will pair many of their ambassadors to our community through the lessons, courses and live workshops on the tonebase site and will help expand our artist roster. Music Traveler is connecting tonebase users to spaces well-equipped with instruments and ideal learning environments for individuals and groups.

We are excited to bring this partnership to you and continue to help musicians around the world in the practice and musical journeys.

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