10. Non-musicians will never understand the wrenching inner struggle of needing to mark something in your Bärenreiter edition but only having a pen.

9. Save your face from the palming it’ll get on those tough days when you finally muster up all of your willpower to get to the practice room, only to realize you’ve forgotten your music.

8. Dropping the coffee YOU JUST BOUGHT because you’re carrying too many scores is a senseless tragedy that should never happen again.

7. Your doctor told you to avoid the spiking blood pressure caused by trying to make some books lay flat, especially on those canyon-rim music stands <glares at upright piano>

6. Your students couldn’t forget their music for their lessons even if they tried.

5. Indulge your inner Marie Kondo — organize your digital scores by performance, project, composer, priority, or any number of other custom tags. No folding required.

4. Mark up your digital scores in as many colors as you want! Finding Messiaen’s exact shade of grey-violet is practice time well spent. (Watch amazing archival footage of the composer demonstrating his synesthesia while teaching the music of Debussy. Oh, to be a fly on the walls of the Paris Conservatoire in the mid-20th-century…).

3. No more dispatching the pushover in your chamber group to the library for scores: share files to other tablet users with just a few taps.

2. So much free on IMSLP!

1. PAGE TURNS. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, hell, who can resist: watch some classic page-turning fails here, here and here.

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