On The Pedal: The Soul Of The Piano
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On The Pedal: The Soul Of The Piano

The renowned Russian pianist Anton Rubinstein commonly referred to the pedal as 'the soul of the piano.' Proper use of the pedals inspires our musical potential and challenges ourselves to harness their expressive power. In this PDF, we break down important pedaling topics as taught by great pianists including Chopin, Czerny, Beethoven, and more!

  • The Pedals & Their Function - Learn how the three pedals work and where you will see them notated in a composition.
  • Pedal Markings In Scores - Find out why some composers included pedal markings in their scores while others didn't.
  • Stylistic Considerations - Understand how to tailor your approach to the pedal based on the style of the music you're playing.
Frederic Chopin
The correct employment of the pedal is a study for life.
Frederic Chopin
What you will learn


Carl Czerny advises pianists that 'the works of each Composer must be executed in the style in which he wrote; and that the performer will assuredly fail, if he attempts to play all the works of the Masters... in the self-same style.' We must consider the piano's pedals with a similarly judicious and thoughtful attitude, tailoring our approach to their use to the various styles and periods of classical music.

  • Baroque Period
  • Classical Period
  • Romantic Period
  • 20th Century
On The Pedal: The Soul Of The Piano
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