The quality of the whole thing is brilliant! Very thoughtful. The further links, the scores, the chapters and structure. BRAVO!
This is the greatest initiative undertaken for purists of musical compositions.
Your model of bringing these amazing teachers to people who do not have access to them really works. Very inspiring and very useful.
This undertaking though I believe that it's remarkable. The universe of learning, performing and teaching is a bounty of growth and enrichment.
It is a superb site (from a 75 year old who has taken up the piano again after 50 years).
Feeling of being included into professional piano teaching. Utter amazement, as I never studied music professionally. I was flabbergasted by her professional and focused teaching.
The interface is very clear. The split screens are very practical and the sound quality is top notch. A lot of valuable technical advice.
The lesson was very well structured and clear. The in-depth exploration/analysis into small details within the piece, as well as the context, was excellent. The sound quality of the lesson was also great.
Amazing. Well explained and instructive, with interesting insights you don't usually get from a piano teacher. The format is great, with the sheet music next to the video, and pop-ups displaying historical facts.
Easily accessible and very simple to understand concepts. I really enjoyed how he added little pieces of historic information about the Etude and Chopin along the way too.
I like the format. The teachers are very concise and clear with their demonstrations and communication.
Great for musicians who would like to improve on their skills but do not have the time to engage a tutor/commit to fixed lessons.
That is not only a how-to video just focusing on going through the entire piece, but a complete lesson with advices, some context about some pieces, complete and accurate information, and, of course, the access to good-quality scores.
I think Tonebase has portrayed really well their mission through their interface and resources provided, the information and lessons are shown in a really clever and creative way, making the overall experience really enjoyable and interesting to watch until the end.
Real music professionals at the top of their music game showing musicians vital techniques to improve piano playing, like repetitive octaves, cross overs found in many Scarlatti sonatas, and articulation. Overall great content.
Tone base is the best thing I have discovered lately. Love you!
I loved it! Especially the wiki annotations were very helpful to understand better what's going on.
The lesson about Scarlatti's sonata actually pushed me to try myself in it and I'm currently learning, going back often to the video to get more insights. As for the interface, it's nice that there are skippable timemarks.
Tonebase mission is incredible and incomparable : Perfect blend of professionalism, hi-tech and easy access.
Here comes something that you never thought would happen. Seeing world pianists including you as a student and lifting you up where you feel you belong. And here comes your dream being real, the lessons keeps coming and yes - for the first time I really feel I meet the stars on an online video piano teaching service. This is something I WANT to buy. Because this world class teaching and musical formation.
Great musicians speaks about great music pieces, you'll learn something whatever your piano level is.
The interface is great. You can follow the video and the score at the same time. It's perfect.
Closest thing to having one's own personal tutor. Very commendable.
Tonebase has indeed provided high-quality music education. The lessons do not only teach you the ins-and-outs of the piece, but also teach the appreciation of music through detailed instructions and commentary. The thoughtful interface has further allowed Tonebase's mission to be achieved.
A very innovative and creative approach to lessons
Tonebase reveals the tips and tricks of the experts. I learnt important aspects of technique and how to express myself better musically and to get to the core of the music and to realize the composers idea.
This is really revolutionary. It is the idea of Masterclass series, taken to the next level.
I am so very happy to have it. For teachers, this information is very helpful. It is often difficult and expensive to get to master classes, and only sporadically is it possible. This provides an invaluable service.
Tonebase provides anyone with inspirational master classes from eminent musicians in a unique yet refreshingly accessible format. Lessons are supported by video scores and additional information pop-ups, encouraging students to broaden their understanding of the piece beyond the notes themselves. Finally, curated urtext edition sheet music is also available students to download and markup with their inevitable chicken scratchings!
Tonebase is an excellent tool in any pianist wanting further development in their skillsets. It is a welcome addition to any advanced pianist's continuing education.
I think is extremely valuable. I had a piano teacher here in Italy who found something similar: it is called pianoLink and the mission is exactly to keep in contact amateurs with professional artist to whom we can ask questions, suggestions and indication on piece under study. He also has organized an amateur orchestra and at the end of the social year we may have both a tempo of a piano concerto with amateur orchestra and a professional piano player and vice-versa piano amateur with a real professional orchestra. So you have all my support in this respect.
I am impressed by your dedication, professionalism and quality of the lessons, regarding both selected teachers and video recording processes.
The best way to spread the music talent of the piano masters.
I think that from content and design point of view, you guys are bringing something very unique to the market. Not only for the piano but for music in general.
I think it is great and only wished I had this kind of instruction when I was younger. I went to Eastman School of Music but that was over 25 years ago.
This is one of the best ideas ever! Not everyone can get access to the best teachers even in the world but to have these lessons streamed from professional pianist performers who have great expertise and know to express ideas in a clear way inspires me to keep up the work!
Love the quality of those teaching. This would provide access to top notch players/teachers. Honestly, in a busy life, it is often difficult to find time to regularly watch instructional videos. While I have found those I have watched to be very valuable, especially having played the Chopin, I would need to schedule in time to watch these regularly. I take lessons now, and find it extremely valuable for the teacher to see exactly what I'm doing and correct as needed. (It's easy to think hear what I think it should be like, when I am not really playing it that way). So, I feel these would be a great supplement to in person lessons.
I would love you to become the number one piano masterclass series online platform so anyone could get a better education. I endorse you project and promote it on a daily basis.
The very idea is great, the pianists chosen to give the lessons are brilliant and the interface is easy to use.
I am very impressed that someone share this level of knowledge.I really want have tonebese at least 3 months cause i relly apriciate your mission and i also want to learn something new.
Wonderful idea and inspirational. It inspires me to grow as a pianist & musician and to go practice!
It's an amazing opportunity to attend such great musicians' lessons. Keep it up!
It is the perfect tool to expand one’s piano knowledge.
It is a great teaching tool for students, who can check how established work on details
It is really touching to know that students all over the world can learn from incredible teachers. I think this is revolutionary!
This is an excellent project as these videos and courses will empower the teachers and students to study and explore more in depth of the piano repertoire and composers during their life long musical journey. Thank you.
Tonebase Is one of the best site I seen ever and a very interesting tool to improve our music comprehension and learning Thanks a lot.
I'm delighted that you organized this program especially to those who are away from the class/workshop opportunities. It helps our performance and also teaching.
That is truly wonderful. Everyone can learn from professional performers through the internet. There are so many music enthusiasts and not everyone can go to famous music schools. With the advance technology nowadays, many people can be benefited from it. Music is not limited only to those rich and prestige people like in the very old days. Thank you very much for establishing the tonebase.
It's a great idea, I enjoyed myself very much and it has been a wonderful and inspiring experience.
I am very impressed so far, I study piano at our local conservatory and feel like the tonebase lessons are superior to the lessons I receive face to face.
Tonebase gives you access to a masterclass in music and the opportunity to understand and review in your own time. This format allows you to overcome financial and geographical constraints and simply be inspired by the enthusiasm and expertise of top class musicians.
It's amazing to have so much knowledge from people i'd probably would never learn from.
Thought it was so informative. I really liked it from the very start. Some were better at explaining than another but all in all extremely great. Loved them all.
I think that tone base is a really good platform and I would recommend it for all pianist.
It's brilliant! Everyone in the world should have the possibility to access music education, not only those living near music schools.
I think this is very noble by your side and the best way to help people who haven’t had a good teacher, also to inspire teachers who need to broad their horizon and try to improve themselves.
Love the access to high level professional teachers/performs to other professionals who might not have the schedule or ability to travel to learn from such high level performers.
It’s quite revolutionary in terms of educational content especially for advanced pianists. You get the vision, techniques and secrets from top rated performers and you make it accessible to everyone. I really look forward to future content.
I believe Tonebase is an amazing initiative and the fact that you can practice and learn with some of the best piano performers at the same time is something that other platforms do not offer. It's great for people whose best option to get a teacher is online.
This is very good idea! Why not! Music makes people happier!
It's a great initiative and would love it to reach as many people as possible who loves to learn music.
Brilliant and really vital right now. Music education is being cut everywhere and whether or not the study is to this level - it is great to see the level of detail, the demands and the resulting work that needs to be put into bringing these pieces to be played in the way they deserve. The care put into Tonebase is very easy to see. The fact the lessons can be viewed in a variety of ways speaks to the very current potential with the technology and am sure will lead to an exciting explosion of modern approaches in relaying this info. The superb quality of the information is one thing. It is rare enough these days to gather these leading performers and thinkers on one site. The brilliant way it is delivered is a great match for this and I hope the success of the site will reflect this.
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