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Looking to buy a nice Steinway piano?

Owning a top-tier piano like a Steinway has the ability to take your piano practice to new levels and offer you a greatly improved sense of touch at the keys.

And on top of that, they just sound so warm and full, which makes them such a joy to play.

Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to buy a Steinway piano.

1. Have a clear vision

Ask yourself the purpose of this purchase. 

Who is this for? How much space do you have? What is your budget? Define what you want to gain from this investment. Then…

Determine what kind of Steinway piano you want. 

how to buy a steinway piano: choose a size
  • What finish? (Perhaps you’re a classic ebony type. Maybe you want to take after the Rocket Man, and only white will do). 

Next, get a second opinion. 

Consult an expert to understand which Steinway will best suit you. Experts include team members from Park Avenue Pianos, Faust Harrison Pianos, Steinway employees, and others.


2. Explore the piano market

Look at different places you could buy from – eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, PianoMart, Park Avenue Pianos, The Steinway Gallery, etc. 

Weigh the pros and cons of each. 

You’ll likely see similar Steinways for different prices and the same Steinways for different prices. This is because sometimes the cost includes free delivery and complimentary tuning, sometimes it does not… Some pianos may be in better condition than others.

3. History speaks

So you’re about to hit purchase… but wait! Never purchase a piano without ensuring that you are safe from being scammed.

Double-check to make sure the person/company you are purchasing from is a veritable seller.

Here are a few crucial things to keep an eye out for when interacting with sellers:

  • Whoever you are buying from, whether it be an individual or a company, should be willing to have a conversation over the phone with you. 
  • Don’t forget to do your research. Verify the identity of the person or company you spoke with on Facebook, Google, and with other social media. 
  • When you do speak to this seller, trust your gut. If they seem suspicious, refuse to give you enough details over the phone, or it feels like they’re trying to rush you into this purchase… Listen to that feeling. 
  • Are the text messages blue or green? Many scammers do not have iPhones, because many scams are conducted via Google voice numbers. Green does not mean “go” in this case.
  • Research previous ownership of the Steinway. Ask for the serial number and use it to find further details. 
  • Did the company selling you the Steinway tell you they got it from an estate sale? Find out which one! Stay vigilant with your research.

The final straw: if they aren’t willing to meet you in person and show you the piano… it’s likely a scam.

4. Turning visions into reality

Finalize the logistics. Discuss the price. 

If you’ve got a budget, now’s the time to negotiate and secure the details.

The seller will send a sales agreement and a certificate verifying that your piano is a Steinway, along with other details such as the year, model, and make. 

5. Seal the deal

Sign the sales agreement and congratulations! You are the proud owner of a Steinway piano. 

Now comes the fun part – getting to play it!

If you’re looking to sell a Steinway rather than buy one, check out our post on how to sell a Steinway piano.

And of course if this post helped you in any way, let us know!

Shoot us a DM on Instagram at @tonebasepiano, we’d love to hear your thoughts :)

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Happy playing!

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