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It is crazy to imagine that it has been nearly a year since I wrote my first review of the GuitarLift by Felix Justen.

With its unique and subtle design, it is still the thing that I get asked the most about on a daily basis.

Having been a GuitarLift player now for one year, it’s time to talk honestly about how this guitar support matches up against the other models on the market.

Then & Now

When I first received the GuitarLift in the post I was more than excited, I myself have tried a multitude of different guitar supports, and had always found that there was something that stopped me from playing 100% naturally.

I had seen the likes of Karmen Stendler and Stephanie Jones , two players who I admired greatly, playing the sleek design and still couldn’t quite understand how it worked.

This is Stephanie Jones using the GuitarLift in her tonebase lesson on the Regondi Reverie:

So when it arrived in the post I was baffled to see that in fact the mechanism of attaching the plexiglass structure to the back of the guitar was by suction cup.

The bane of the classical guitar support world!

Or so I thought. What makes the GuitarLift stand out from the other models of guitar support on the market is that Felix has taken the unavoidable elements of a support and incorporated them into the design in a way that makes them features that give back as much as they take away.


Where suction cups usually lose their grip after a while (and often during performance!) the placement of the suction cups on the GuitarLift mean that the grip onto the instrument is reinforced simply by the player’s holding of the instrument.

guitar lift rosie bennet blog tonebase

The unique spacing of the suction cups on the surface area of the plexiglass helps to ensure that they do not come away from the guitar at any moment.

It is this plexiglass that also subtly reinforces any sound that may be lost from the contact on the back of the instrument.

The stick-ability of the suction cups also makes it the perfect support to travel with! Simply attach it to the outside of your guitar case with no fear of it falling off.

What more could you want as a guitarist? A guitar support that looks good, feels secure and allows you to pack another pair of shoes in your suitcase.

Felix really has thought of everything.

From my first impressions of this class piece of equipment to a year down the line, if anything I feel that the GuitarLift is either an extension of my body, or an extension of my guitar and it’s so comfortable that it’s impossible to tell which!

If anything, the GuitarLift deserves an 11/10, I’ll definitely be playing with it for years to come!

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