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“What can I do about my hooked nails?”

After wrapping a recent shoot on Right Hand Technique, Scott Tennant took a moment to answer tonebase user Steve’s question about "hooked" nails. As someone who has experimented a bunch with his own nails and worked hard to get the gorgeous sound he has today, Scott is uniquely qualified to address this question.

In his reply, Scott suggests three options for people with hooked nails:

  1. “Ironing” your nails using a hot surface
  2. Filing your nail with an extreme ramp to cut through the hook
  3. Playing at a more parallel angle to the strings

We hope Scott’s suggestions can help ease all of your “hooked” nail woes! Stay tuned for his course on Right Hand Technique which will be released soon and in the meantime, check out his other lessons on Tremolo, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, and Balance. And of course, don’t forget to submit your questions for a tonebase artist in the comments below or by emailing us team@tonebase.co!

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